Wanted to share my results with people who may be interested in testing. I have been on the program for 6 months since my testing 12 months ago. Photos taken at the original time of testing in November 2010. Follow-Up photos taken June 2011.

  • Rosacea – Subsided from week (1) to current
  • Lost 20 lbs of fat – within 6 months
  • Lost 2” in waist – within 3 months
  • Constant increase of energy levels, within first week to current
  • Increased full body range of motion, and reduced joint pain
  • Able to play golf 4 times a week pain free

Here are the pictures to support these results:


My name is Doctor Dana Piccirillo. I have always had a keen interest in exercise, physiology and the nutrition behind it. As an adult, my personal interest has become more acute as I ventured to find the causes of my burgeoning skin conditions. For years I have struggled with a skin disorder known as Rosacea. Rosacea is a chronic skin condition involving inflammation of the cheeks, nose, chin, forehead, or eyelids. It may appear as redness, prominent spider-like blood vessels, swelling, or skin eruptions similar to acne. I can’t tell you how many days I’ve missed from work because I was insecure about my physical appearance and felt that it would distract my staff as well as my patients.

When I sought treatments from my dermatologist I was prescribed topical steroid creams. For me, they seemed to make the problem worse. Routinely, I was given laser treatments that gave temporary relief but were excruciatingly painful. I thought to myself; “I don’t want to keep my symptoms at bay, I want to find the cause of my symptoms”. I created this company because of my own personal battles with these issues.

As we encounter population increase and less natural resources to provide for that growing need, scientists have found a way to create things that nature provides on its own, but now have been chemically; altered. This poses a threat to our society at large. To feed the masses and provide solutions for the trouble that our growing needs have created for us…we’ve become a culture of people only interested in the “quick fixes”. “What will help me lose 6 lbs to fit into that dress?” Or, “which topical cream will make this rash go away”? The answer lies in where we are, what we eat and what we use to cleanse and or enhance our appearance. Cleaning products, make-up, moisturizers and the like, have become so laden with chemicals, that we ourselves are causing our own problems and making ourselves toxic. Remember, my own natural curiosity brought me to this point today. I believe all issues have to do with either: the air we breathe, the food we eat, or the things we place on our skin and body.

I have designed a protocol that addresses all of these areas. I found the Simple Blood Test to be the premiere test to determine what is causing many health conditions. I’m happy to report that after doing a blood panel screening for food, herbs, chemical and food additives, I’ve gained insight into a number of usual suspects in my daily routine. I have since removed 100% of these ingredients and my Rosacea was eliminated within a week and has not reappeared. I was astonished and felt it was almost coincidental. I’ve struggled with this condition for over a 1/3 of my life. I hope to help others realize similar results in their own daily, weekly, and monthly problem areas. Whether it is obesity, G.I. distress, skin disorders or the like…

I truly believe that we’re on to something here. Again, “More Drugs Are Not The Answer”.

After 2 years of being shuffled from one doctor to another to help tackle some medical issues I was having. I was referred to Integrative Physicians of Atlanta and was told to see Dr. Craig Sampson, my prayers were answered.

Instead of just writing a prescription to mask symptoms, treating only the diagnosis or disease, referring
me to specialist after specialist, or offering me a long list of possible explanations, Dr. Sampson took the time to listen to my concerns and uncover what was actually preventing me from living my best life.

Bethany O’Conner

I wish to thank the Doctors and support team at Integrative Physicians of Atlanta for introducing me to this remarkable food sensitivity test.

I could have never imagined that by simply identifying and eliminating a few foods and food additives specific to my body could produce such dramatic results.

I have lost 25 lbs. (and counting). My constant hunger is gone. I have more energy and a revitalized outlook on life in general. I no longer require my blood pressure pills and my cardiologist tells me to keep doing whatever it is that I am doing.

I continue to be amazed at how such minor changes in my diet could produce such dramatic results. My only regret is that I didn’t know about this science years ago.

Thank You Integrative Physicians of Atlanta

Phyllis Morrow
Atlanta, GA

Dr. Piccirillo:

I just wanted to send a quick thank you to you and your staff at the Integrative Physicians of Atlanta in reference to the food insensitivity testing that you did for me a month or so ago.

I have followed the plan for a little under a month now and eliminated most of the foods that your test told me my body could not digest or process properly. The results have been amazing! I physically feel better and I have a lot more energy during the day since I changed my eating habits. In addition, I have lost a little over 12 pounds in less than a month, all due to the fact that I am now only eating the foods that my particular body can digest. I wish I would have known about this test years ago.

I have already recommended you to several of my clients, my family and some business associates and will continue to do so as I really feel that everyone can benefit from the information that comes from the test. Thank you again.


Harry I. Shurek
Shurek Accounting & Tax

Harry wrote Dr. Piccirillo 6 months later for another update on his progress:

Dr. Piccirillo:

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you again for recommending the food insensitivity test and I wanted to update you on my results thus far.

I took your test and began the program almost seven months ago. Since I started, I have lost 32 pounds and have gone down one size in my pants and my shirts (probably about to drop another pretty soon). I also do not have the stomach issues I have had for most of my life since I changed what foods I am eating. There is also a noticeable difference in my energy level and I feel more healthy overall. My skin is totally clear and I am sleeping better as well.

It is amazing to me how much your nutritional plan can influence your general well-being and overall health. I plan on staying on the program for a long time since I feel am feeling so much better than I was before I started it. I am even working out 4 days per week now to help maintain and further increase the results.

Thank you again for recommending this program to me. It has truly changed my life and my appearance.


Harry I. Shurek

For most of my life, I have been overweight, but this is not unheard of especially living in such a fat country. I have always been very active my whole life participating in events at the lake. I would wakeboard, ski, tube and jet ski. However, I would always find myself sitting in the boat first or inside the lake house on the couch. I loved to play sports and be outside but my body and energy levels just didn’t let me. At the beginning of the summer, only 4 months ago, I weighed 180 pounds. I was fifteen pounds overweight. Who could have known that becoming healthy is as easy as understanding your body. Within two months I lost 22 pounds. This is quite unheard of, especially from a kid that is only 18 years old. I started to become more active in my college life. I joined a football team as well as an ultimate Frisbee team. I jog every couple days about three miles. I feel better and just overall happier. I didn’t have to work out in the gym every day or eat vegetables galore, although now I want to work out. All I had to do was eat the right foods that my body wanted. Eating the right foods that Dr. Piccirillo had identified, I was overall living in a better state. I lost the cravings for fast food. I lost the desire to snack out of boredom. Honestly I did cheat a little out of doubt of the program but this bit me in the butt pretty quick and pretty hard. My diet does not let me eat citric fruits. I love them! After one time of gorging myself in an orange followed by a variety of my favorite fruits after two months of honest eating, I started to feel a little sick and upset to the stomach followed by a “finale” of disappointment later that night, if you catch my drift. I immediately started to feel better when I started to follow my diet. I am affected with a skin disorder called psoriasis. This is an overreaction to outside entities that are irritating the skin. This disorder has been affecting me for the past 4 plus years. It was a constant thing on my feet. My feet would swell up in places and itch up a storm. The past two months though, I have had very little occurrences of this. The only times that they start to act up is around the time of when I shy away from my diet. Perhaps this is in my head but I would like to think not. This is amazing. This program has seriously impacted my life. I never thought I could feel so good about myself. I never thought it could be so easy to be well. I just think people are dumb to pass up an opportunity such as this. Now that I am educated in this subject, it just doesn’t make sense to do anything else. I didn’t have to eat less; I didn’t have to work out heavily. I just lived my life following the easy diet given to me. I owe a lot to Dr. Piccirillo. I can see my future in a much more positive and healthier light.

– Philip Brooks

Back in January of 2011 I went to my primary care physician for a routine exam. One of my chief concerns was being tired all the time as well as suffering from a skin condition around my nose that was much like a Psoriasis or Rosacea. Previously, this flair-up was something that would occur a few times a year at best. My doctors in the past had recommended Cortisone creams that would usually clear it up in a day or so. For some reason, this last year has been particularly difficult for this flair-up. Normally I’d only struggle with it from time to time, now it was almost a weekly thing. The doctor suggested drawing a blood panel called Food Sensitivity Testing to ascertain which foods, additives, chemicals and other daily consumables might be causing my fatigue and ongoing skin issues. After receiving my customized results I was able to instantly eliminate those things listed that I was sensitive to. It was really easy and helpful for my daily activities as well as helping to clear up my skin condition. I would recommend this to anyone that has been continuing to try routines that haven’t made them feel better. I’ll be 38 in January of 2012 and I can honestly say that I feel like I’m in my 20’s again.


Todd (Atlanta Georgia)

Dr. Piccirillo:
May 2012

A big thanks to you and your staff at Integrative Physicians of Atlanta for convincing me to give the Food Allergy Sensitivity testing a try. As a 69 year old, recently retired pilot, I felt I was in “decent” health and was skeptical about the validity of the testing.

I have been relatively healthy and allergy free most of my life but felt I could be allergic to some food and chemical substances without knowing about it. So I had my initial blood work done earlier this year and after receiving my results, started my special food regimen in March 2012.

Immediately, I noticed I no longer had heartburn which used to awaken me nightly. Antacids are no longer required.

Five weeks after I started avoiding the intolerant foods, I had blood work done in conjunction with my annual physical. I was amazed to see my cholesterol drop from 159 to 139. My triglycerides, HDL and LDL also were lower. My glucose level dropped from 103 (out of the normal range) to 79. My weight has gone from 182.5 to 176 in six weeks. Waist size has been reduced by 1 1/2 inches.

Earlier I used the term regimen rather than diet. The protocol is easy to follow and the acceptable foods are many. For me it is a life-style change in eating habits.

I feel great, have more energy and am anxious to see how much I progress in the next few months.

Again, many thanks to Dr. Piccirillo and his vision.

Chuck DuBois
Prescott, Arizona

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For Allergy testing, you must be off any and all Allergy medications 5-7 days prior to testing.
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