Customized Nutrition for Peak Performance & Optimum Health

For decades our society has been eating genetically altered foods that are making us sick. Unfortunately, because of the high demand for commercial agriculture, we have been exposed to such things as steroids, antibiotics, pollution, environmental chemicals, molds, food additives/colorings, medicinal herbs, gluten and yeast.

These foreign ingredients trigger chronic activation of our immune system which can lead to the following conditions: Inability To Lose Weight, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Eczema & Other Skin Disorders, Asthma, ADD & ADHD, Gastrointestinal Disorders-IBS, Arthritis, Joint Pain, Muscle Pain and Headaches.

These conditions are a result of a release of toxic immune chemicals and an inability to properly utilize our bodies own natural hormones, such as insulin, which have been linked to weight gain and obesity.

The solution to becoming a better and healthier you.


For over 24 years, food sensitivity testing has been the gold standard for determining health. Using this blood test method, our physicians provide a comprehensive, customized analysis of hundreds food sensitivities, medications, additives, gluten, yeast and other environmental chemicals that your body can not break down. You will be advised on how a specific diet customized to your body’s biological chemistry using only natural foods without the use of medications, supplements, or caloric restriction.

You are what you eat

“Personalized Eating” has become many of the top athletes training secret. Once you begin eating the right foods for your body, you too will have that competitive edge.

University Studies have reported this way of natural and healthy eating have resulted in the following benefits:
  • Increased energy
  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Decreased body fat percentage
  • Improved muscular stamina
  • Improvements in cardiac output
  • Increased functional strength

This cutting edge technology gives anyone, from the weekend warrior to world class athletes, a diagnostic analysis to help you achieve optimal wellness and peak performance.


"MLB’s Boston Red Sox on his experience with the ALCAT Test. “I can feel the difference when I swing the bat, and when I work out, I don’t get as tired.”"
- David Ortiz,
"Within just four weeks of taking the test and following the food plan, I lost 5 kilograms (11 pounds), my stuffy nose and throat problem has completely cleared up, and I now have a tremendous amount more strength during training."
"I can see I’ve lost some body fat and that can only be beneficial to me when the season comes."
<span>Holder of 22 Guinness World Record Strength Records</span>
"After taking the test I probably have 5% more strength. When I would normally take a rest after workouts in the afternoon, I can carry straight through the day with no need or desire to stop for a break. I recommend it to anyone looking for that edge on the competition and for good health in general."
- Dave Gauder, Holder of 22 Guinness World Record Strength Records

Today’s athletes are challenged with the lure of performance enhancing drugs to gain a competitive edge. The long term consequences of these drugs can be fatal. Luckily with the stigma and health deterioration of using performance enhancing drugs, athletes are instead turning to customized nutrition to give them an unparalleled edge in physical performance. Doctors are now offering integrated medicine, a multiple-disciplinary approach providing athletes with an understanding of exercise physiology and nutrition.

The integrated medicine is not just designed for professional athletes. Our team of doctors will show you how to design a customized nutritional plan that will enable you to burn fat, maintain lean muscle mass, and gain energy that will improve your overall function and aid in achieving peak performance. Through a simple blood analysis, we will provide the tools of how, when, and what you need to eat for maximum performance.

David Ortiz (Boston Red Sox)

OrtizImageOrtiz, who says his weight is down to around 250 pounds, carries a business card-sized list of foods he cannot eat on his diet, which he started, he said, for reasons that had nothing to do with baseball. His cholesterol had risen to dangerously high levels. “Over 300,” he said. Ortiz said the results have been almost immediately noticeable.

“I feel great,” he said. “I can feel the difference when I swing the bat, and when I work out, I don’t get as tired.”

The beauty of his diet, he said, is that it is all natural, involving no supplements. The parameters were determined in a clinic in the Dominican Republic, where he underwent something called bioelectrical impedance, which is a procedure that its proponents say can assess body composition, measuring body fat, lean muscle mass and intra- and extracellular fluids.

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